April Fools Day Wishes 2023: April Fool Messages, Funny Jokes

Updated: May 28, 2023


April Fools Day presents an excellent opportunity to share amusing messages with loved ones over WhatsApp or Facebook, whether in Hindi or English, to bring joy to their faces. It’s an occasion that allows you to flex your creative muscles and send funny messages on this lighthearted day, making it one of the most entertaining days of the year.

Here are a few adorable advance April Fool’s Day text messages that you can use to wish your loved ones in a special way. These sample messages include April Fool’s Day wishes, prank texts, funny jokes, and quotes that you can share with everyone. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by to fool them on April 1st!

Discover the newest and most up-to-date selection of April Fool’s Day messages for 2023, along with wishes, greetings, and images. Spread laughter and joy by sharing these amusing April Fools wishes and messages with your friends, significant other, family, and loved ones on WhatsApp and Facebook.

April Fools Day Messages

Transform your April Fool’s Day into a delightful experience with an array of amusing greeting messages. Surprise your loved ones in a unique way by sharing these hilarious messages in Hindi and English. Send them the best April Fool’s Day messages.

“On this April Fool’s Day 2023, remember that you are the star of the show and your mere presence makes it the best one ever!”

“If someone considers you to be intelligent, simply flash them a smile and wish them a joyous April Fool’s Day. They’ll understand everything.

“The wisest trick for someone like you is to remain quiet and let others speculate whether you are a fool or not, rather than speaking up and revealing the truth. Have a joyful April Fool’s Day.”

“Dear friend, wishing you a cheerful April Fool’s Day. It’s inevitable that you’re a fool and it’s here to stay, but we love you nonetheless.”

April Fools Motivational Quotes

“There’s nothing wrong with being a little foolish at times since we can’t always be wise. Have a delightful April Fool’s Day!”

“Wishing you a joyous April Fool’s Day. Don’t underestimate fools as they have the ability to make smart people even smarter.”

“Happy April Fool’s Day to all! Let’s celebrate the art of being foolish, because it’s always a lot of fun.”

“When you have a reputation for being a little foolish, no one expects you to be intelligent all the time, which can be quite liberating. Have a happy April Fool’s Day!”

“On this April Fool’s Day, let’s come together and pay tribute to all the foolish people around us, for they are special in their own unique ways.”

April Fool Messages in English

“God created the sun for daylight, the moon for brightness at night, and then he made a fool, which is you… Happy Fool’s Day, my dear!”

“In a world full of stress and tension, take a break on this special day. Best wishes for a happy April Fool’s Day.”

“I’m going on a fully sponsored world tour on April 1st. Join me, because it’s Fool’s Day!”

“A fool is a fool, no matter the date. However, I still want to wish you a happy Fool’s Day on April 1st!”

Best April Fools Day Jokes

“Although I may have missed wishing you on Holi, Diwali, Christmas or New Year, I definitely don’t want to miss wishing you on the most special day of the year for you… Happy April Fool’s Day!”

“You are beautifool, wonderfool, helpfool, and colorfool, so I want to send my best wishes to you on Fool’s Day.”

“You may forget this day that’s celebrated just for people like you, but I’ll always be there to wish you a happy Fool’s Day!”

“You always surprise me with your humor, talent, and personality. Now, I’m impressing you with my skills to surprise you with my lies… Happy April Fool’s Day!”

Best April Fools Pranks Messages

“There’s something so enjoyable about playing pranks on those around you. Happy April Fools Day to everyone!”

“On this April Fools Day, let’s not miss the chance to play harmless pranks on others without worrying about them getting upset.”

“Wishing everyone a very Happy April Fools Day. Let’s remind the intelligent ones that they can also be foolish sometimes.”

“Warm greetings to all on April Fools Day. This is our chance to show our wit by tricking others.”

“The best prank is sometimes the one that confuses people. Happy April Fools Day to all!”

History Of April Fools Day

April Fools Day, also known as All Fools’ Day, is an annual celebration that is observed in many countries around the world on the first day of April. On this day, people play practical jokes on each other, spread hoaxes, and generally engage in harmless mischief. The exact origins of the holiday are shrouded in mystery, but there are several theories about its history.

One theory suggests that the origins of April Fools Day can be traced back to ancient Rome. In the Roman calendar, the first day of April was celebrated as Hilaria, a day of joy and laughter. It was also the day on which the vernal equinox occurred, which marked the beginning of the new year in many ancient cultures. It is possible that the tradition of playing pranks on this day was originally part of the Hilaria celebrations.

Another theory suggests that the holiday has its roots in the medieval Feast of Fools, which was celebrated during the Christmas season in Europe. During this festival, people engaged in all kinds of revelry, including dressing up in costumes, singing and dancing, and playing pranks on each other. The Feast of Fools was eventually banned by the Catholic Church, but it may have laid the groundwork for the later tradition of April Fools Day.

Yet another theory suggests that April Fools Day was inspired by the ancient Hindu festival of Holi, which is celebrated in India and Nepal on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Phalguna (February-March). During Holi, people play pranks on each other and smear each other with colored powders and liquids. Some historians believe that this tradition may have been carried to Europe by traders and travelers, where it eventually evolved into the modern-day April Fools Day.

Regardless of its origins, April Fools Day has been celebrated in some form or another for centuries. In the Middle Ages, it was common for people to play tricks on each other during the New Year’s holiday, which was celebrated on March 25th in many European countries. However, when the calendar was changed to the Gregorian calendar in the 16th century, the New Year was moved to January 1st, and the tradition of playing pranks on March 25th gradually shifted to April 1st.

The earliest recorded reference to April Fools Day in modern times comes from a French poem from 1561. The poem describes a young man who is tricked into believing that he has been invited to see a nonexistent “herring procession” in the town square. The custom of playing pranks on this day quickly spread throughout France, and from there it spread to other European countries.

In Britain, April Fools Day became popular during the 18th century. The tradition was especially popular among schoolchildren, who would play pranks on their teachers and classmates. One famous prank involved sending people on a “fool’s errand,” such as asking them to deliver a message to someone who didn’t exist, or to search for an imaginary object. Another common prank involved placing a “kick me” sign on someone’s back, and then watching as they walked around with people kicking them.

In the United States, April Fools Day became popular in the 19th century. One of the most famous April Fools Day hoaxes in American history took place in 1835, when the New York Sun newspaper published a series of articles claiming that there was life on the moon. The articles were written by a fictional astronomer named Sir John Herschel, and they described fantastic creatures such as unicorns, winged humans, and bipedal beavers that lived on the lunar surface. The articles were a huge sensation, and they helped to establish the New York Sun as one of the most popular newspapers.



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