25+ Heartfelt Engagement Wishes For Your Brother – The Best Messages & Quotes o Celebrate Special Day

Updated: June 23, 2023


On this blog post, we offer an extensive selection of engagement wishes for brother. These messages have been carefully chosen to multiply his happiness and make this special moment even more memorable.

So, let’s find the perfect words together and celebrate your brother’s engagement in the most heartfelt way possible.

Engagement Wishes For Brother

  1. May your happiness and joy be boundless today and throughout eternity. Congratulations on your engagement, my handsome brother!
  2. Sending the warmest greetings to you, my dear brother. I couldn’t be happier to hear that you’ve proposed to your girlfriend. I have complete faith that your married life will be filled with immense happiness. Now, it’s time to embark on the preparations for the wedding day!
  3. May your love for your partner grow stronger with each passing day! I am overjoyed for you, bro!
  4. To my beloved brother, an engagement is a momentous decision that will shape your life. I genuinely believe that you have made an excellent choice, and I can envision your lifelong happiness. Congratulations on your engagement, my dear brother.
  5. My dear younger brother, you’re engaged! I am filled with great happiness for both you and your fiancée. You two will undoubtedly make a perfect family. Sending you a warm hug!
  6. Oh my goodness! You’ve proposed to your girlfriend! I am absolutely thrilled! I hope I will be the first to know about your wedding date. I need to prepare myself accordingly!

Congratulations to My Brother on his Engagement

  1. You are on cloud nine now, soaring high and carefree, as if nothing could disturb your happiness. I genuinely hope that it remains this way, always. Congratulations to you and your wonderful bride on your engagement!
  2. My dear brother, I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations on your new status as a fiancé. It suits you perfectly! You truly deserve all the best in life.
  3. The love shared between two individuals is like a vast and profound lake filled with opportunities and discoveries. All you need to do is let go of your fears, trust each other, and dive as deep as possible into this magnificent lake. Wishing you an incredible wedding day very soon!
  4. Are you prepared for the exciting journey of wedding preparations? Remember, you can always count on me for any assistance you may need. Sending you the warmest greetings on your engagement!
  5. If tears ever fall from your eyes, I hope they are tears of joy. If you ever feel sadness, may it vanish the moment you hear her voice. And if anger ever arises, may it dissipate the moment you gaze upon her angelic face. Congratulations on your engagement, dear brother!

Funny engagement wishes to brother

  1. Wow, bro, you’ve taken the leap! What incredible news! I’m genuinely thrilled to witness your readiness for marriage. You’ve truly grown up, haven’t you? 😉
  2. Let’s agree on something: nobody is flawless. However, when you love someone wholeheartedly, all their imperfections become unique qualities that you cherish the most in their personality. Congratulations on your engagement, bro!
  3. You and your beloved are now engaged, and soon you’ll become husband and wife. Like two mirrors, you both reflect each other. If one of you is happy, it brings happiness to the other as well. May your reflections always be filled with smiles and joy! Congratulations!
  4. Wonderful news, my brother! It warms my heart to see you so happy. Sending you the warmest greetings on your engagement.
  5. Dear brother, you expect me to congratulate you on your engagement, but I want to say “Thank you” instead. Thank you for finding happiness with her. Thank you for your capacity to love. Thank you for making our parents and me incredibly proud of you and your amazing bride.
  6. Dear Brother, may both of you be blessed with everlasting love, joy, happiness, good health, and a lifetime together. Happy engagement, my brother! I love you.

Engagement Wishes for Brother in English

  1. You’re going to be an amazing husband, my brother. Your future wife is one incredibly lucky girl! Love you both, and congratulations on your engagement!
  2. Love can take on various forms, sometimes as bright and warm as the sun, and other times as subtle and cool as the moon. Love may wear different faces, but it remains true to its essence. As you embark on your engagement, you will face challenges, but as long as you continue to love each other, you will overcome them. Congratulations on your engagement!
  3. You know what I think about your decision to get married? I am genuinely overjoyed for you, brother! Congratulations!
  4. People who love each other and want to spend their lives together are like two magnets. The more different they are, like two opposing poles, the stronger the connection between them. May your future life together be diverse and filled with excitement! Congratulations on your engagement!
  5. I want to embrace you and express how incredibly happy I am for your engagement. You’ve made a perfect choice. I am certain that the two of you will be immensely happy together!

Bhaiya Bhabhi Quotes in English

  1. The next step after engagement is the wedding, and I can sense your excitement for it! Marriage is not a simple equation; it requires a delicate balance between reason and emotion. I hope you will embrace this principle and make the most of your journey as a family. Congratulations on your engagement, brother!
  2. You have grown into a remarkable man, brother. Our childhood days are behind us, but I am truly delighted about your engagement. I have full faith in you, and I know you will be an exceptional husband!
  3. Do you know what holds the utmost importance in any relationship? Some say it’s love, while others believe it’s trust. Some may argue it’s respect. However, I believe the most crucial element between two loving hearts is complete agreement on what they consider to be of utmost significance. Congratulations on your engagement, brother!
  4. May this decision lead you to a life filled with boundless love and happiness… I love you so much, my dear little brother!
  5. You two make a wonderful couple, and I am overjoyed that my brother has found someone with whom he wants to build a family. Now that you are engaged, invisible bonds tie your hearts together. I wish that you will always be protected by the Angel of Love, who will safeguard you from any harm. Congratulations on your engagement!
What are some heartfelt engagement wishes I can send to my brother?

Congratulations on your engagement, dear brother! May your journey together be filled with love, joy, and endless happiness.

How can I express my happiness for my brother’s engagement in a unique way?

To my amazing brother, congratulations on finding your perfect match! Your love story is just beginning, and I can’t wait to see the beautiful chapters you’ll write together.

Are there any specific wishes I can send to my brother and his fiancee on their engagement?

Sending heartfelt congratulations to my brother and his lovely fiancee on their engagement. May your love continue to blossom, and may your future be filled with beautiful moments and shared dreams.

What should I say to my brother to show my support and excitement for his engagement?

Dearest brother, I couldn’t be happier for you on this special occasion. Your engagement marks the start of a wonderful journey, and I’m here to support you every step of the way. Congratulations and best wishes!

Can you provide some creative engagement wishes for my brother and his future spouse?

As you both embark on this incredible journey of love and togetherness, may your hearts always beat in perfect harmony. Congratulations to my dear brother and his soon-to-be partner on your engagement!


Celebrating your brother’s engagement is a joyous occasion filled with heartfelt wishes and congratulations.

It’s an opportunity to express your happiness, support, and blessings for his future journey with his partner.

Whether you choose to send a simple message or a creative wish, the key is to convey your genuine love and excitement for their union.

May their engagement be the beginning of a beautiful chapter in their lives, filled with love, happiness, and cherished memories.



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