Shari Jordan: Stepping Into Darkness

Updated: October 24, 2023


When we hear the name Jeffery Dahmer, a shiver runs down our spine. Known as the Milwaukee Cannibal, he is synonymous with one of the most chilling and macabre chapters of American criminal history. Yet, behind this figure of terror stands a woman who unwittingly stepped into this dark tale: Shari Jordan.

Unexpected Connections

Shari Jordan never imagined her life would intertwine with the horrors of one of America’s most notorious serial killers. As is often the case, love can lead us down unforeseen paths. For Shari, this path began in 1978 when she married Lionel Dahmer, a man already a father to young Jeffery.

Bearing the Weight of Association

While Shari Jordan was not directly involved in the series of ghastly events that unfolded between 1978 and 1991, being connected by marriage to such infamy brought its own burdens. One can only imagine the inner turmoil and social implications she faced. Often, families of criminals, especially those as notorious as Jeffery Dahmer, find themselves scrutinized, judged, and even ostracized by society. And Shari, being a stepmother, stood in a uniquely precarious position.

Being a Stepmother Amidst Turmoil

Step-parenting in any circumstance brings its own set of challenges. Integrating into an already established family dynamic, forming bonds with stepchildren, and finding one’s place can be daunting tasks. But what happens when the child you’re trying to connect with is harbouring dark and destructive tendencies?

It’s crucial to note that while Shari was in Jeffery’s life, she wasn’t responsible for his upbringing or the actions he took as an adult. But, like Lionel, she was likely caught in the whirlwind of confusion, horror, and disbelief as the events around Jeffery Dahmer unfolded.

Seeking Normalcy in Abnormal Circumstances

Through all the dark clouds that overshadowed the Dahmer name, Shari Jordan had to find ways to continue with her life. Whether it was supporting Lionel during the media onslaught or attempting to provide a sense of normalcy amidst chaos, she needed resilience and strength. It’s important to remember that while Jeffery Dahmer became an emblem of the worst aspects of humanity, his family members, including Shari, were victims in their own right.

Understanding, Not Condemning

The Dahmer story is a gruesome testament to the inexplicable dark corners of human behavior. But as we recount these tales, we must be careful not to cast too wide a net of blame. Shari Jordan, by all accounts, was a woman who found herself unexpectedly connected to this dark history. Her story is a poignant reminder of the ripple effects of crime, reaching far beyond the immediate victims and touching those even on the periphery.

In Conclusion

While the name Jeffery Dahmer will forever be etched in infamy, we must also remember the others whose lives were irrevocably altered by his actions. Shari Jordan, as his stepmother, faced unimaginable challenges and lived in the shadow of his deeds. Her story serves as a powerful reminder of the often-overlooked victims of high-profile crimes, urging us to show empathy and understanding in the face of unimaginable horror.



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