Escaping the Intriguing Realm of Trace: A Comprehensive Walkthrough

Updated: October 24, 2023


Embarking on the captivating adventure of Trace, a realm within Cool Math Games, is an enthralling journey into a surreal science-fiction universe. Your primary objective in this captivating land is to discover a way to break free from its enchanting hold. However, within its fascinating features, Trace presents an array of perplexing puzzles that require your sharp intellect to solve. It’s only by mastering these intricacies that you have a chance of liberating yourself from this captivating captivity. Prepare for a challenging journey as we guide you through the Trace Walkthrough in a comprehensive, conversational style.

Bathroom Escape: A Puzzle Adventure In Trace Cool Math Games Hints!

Alright, let’s get into the exciting challenge of escaping the bathroom in Trace Cool Math Games! Your first goal is to unlock the bathroom door, which will allow you to explore the rest of the house. Are you ready to start this mind-bending journey? Awesome, let’s begin!
Standing in front of the toilet, check near the floor for a small panel with colored arrows. The key to unlocking this panel will allow you to leave the bathroom. Here’s a technical tip: arrange those arrows carefully to form the shape of a star. Once you’ve done that, open the cabinet to your left and find a half pair of scissors.
But hold on, there’s more! To progress, combine the half pair of scissors with the other half from the bathroom sink. Use this newly made pair of scissors to cut the string holding the key near the mirror. To open the lockbox on the shelf, you’ll need that key.
Inside the lockbox, you’ll find a mysterious note that gives away the secret location of a hidden tile near the bathroom mirror. Pretty intriguing, right? Behind the tile, a picture of a fish is revealed. Now, pay close attention to the dots and lines within the picture – they contain important clues! Match these dots and lines with the arrows on the panel we saw earlier.
Now, let’s turn our attention back to the mirror. Look at the picture frame on the bottom of the floor. There’s more to it than what meets the eye! Carefully inspect the frame to discover a hidden safe. Your next challenge is figuring out the combination: 5, 4, 7, 2.
But we’re not finished just yet! Get a lightbulb and insert it into the pumpkin nearby. Voilà! The pumpkin offers the solution to the arrow riddle. Match the pumpkin’s eyes and nose with the arrows.
Congratulations! As you complete this intricate puzzle, the cabinet under the sink opens up, giving you the key to the bathroom door. Be careful not to overreact, as you are not yet completely free. To leave the bathroom, insert the key into the panel on the door and skillfully reposition the blocks to ensure the key lines up with the green lock.
You’re doing fantastic! Keep going, and soon you’ll find yourself one step closer to escaping the bathroom and exploring the rest of the captivating world of Trace Cool Math Games. If you need any more hints or assistance, feel free to ask. Happy puzzling!

Escaping The House

Let’s transfer our attention to a new challenge: getting out of the house and to the attractive tower nearby. But let’s start by accumulating all the stuff we can discover without having to solve any riddles before we go on to more challenging ones. These things consist of:

  • Under the couch’s cushion was a battery that had been craftily hidden.
  • Discreetly placed away between the couch and the potted plant.
  • A mysterious star, visible both on the painting and secretly tucked under the couch.
  • A delightful toy horse is hidden in the top desk drawer.

By collecting these items, you’re already making significant progress! Keep a keen eye out for any further clues and puzzles that may come your way. If you require any Trace Cool Math Games Hints or assistance on your journey to escape the house and explore the nearby tower, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section. Best of luck!

Puzzles Unraveled: Escaping The House

Now that you’ve gathered the initial items, let’s delve into the captivating puzzles that await us, beginning with the planet puzzle at the bay window.

Complete The Metal Plate

Find a cabinet beneath the bay window and arrange the planets inside to mirror the ones you see outside. When they’re aligned, push the red button to get a vital Metal Plate.
Next, head to the window near the bathroom, where you’ll find the Toy Horse. Gently bend the horse’s neck so its eye lines up with the diamond shape. Release the second half of the Metal Plate by pressing the horse button.
Once you’re out on the porch, do the same puzzle again, but from the opposite side of the window.

Retrieve the Green Key and Box Cutter

You’ll notice a set of red buttons scattered around the room. To open the gray chest on the end table, press them in the following sequence: start with the Fishtank, then the fan, followed by the computer, the one by the planet puzzle, and the hidden button behind the painting of a house. Finally, press the one on the gray chest.
As for the painting, align the symbols on the Metal Plate with the levers on the wall. This will unveil a red button. Press it to progress further.

Obtain a further 5 stars

Use the Green Key to open the porch. When you arrive, turn to the left and move the blocks on the wall. Start by adjusting the spherical potted plant block on the left, then move on to the tall potted plant, the short potted plant, and finally the painting of a potted plant.
Collect the star from these places: one from the wall, another on the table, and one more beneath it. There’s also one by the piano. The final star is tucked underneath the end table, near the edge.
Proceed to the desk and open the drawers in this sequence: X, O, X, O, U. This will yield a magnet. Utilize the magnet to retrieve the fifth star from the tube.

Unlock The Front Door

Reveal the paneling on the front door by entering the code: 2, 6, 3, 3, 6, 6, 1, 6, 1. Put a single Star in each designated colored area as shown in the screenshot. Then, press the red button.
Before you head out, make sure to grab the action figure from the porch. It’s situated on a shelf near the door.

Obtain the Brass Key

Start by using the Box Cutter to lift the carpet beneath the end table. Once you’ve inserted the Batteries into the light fixture above, it will unveil the solution to the floor puzzle, granting you the Submarine and Puzzle Piece. Head out to the porch and tackle the puzzle on the table. Once completed, return inside and employ the Box Cutter on the arm of the couch to retrieve the Brass Key.
You’re doing an outstanding job! With these puzzles cracked and items gathered, you’re well on your way to escaping the house and embracing new adventures in the nearby tower. Keep it up!

The Last Leg Of The Journey: Escaping The Planet

Congratulations! The final stage of your escape quest. Now confidently enter the tower and turn left until you reach a dead end. They have a little end table with a frame exhibiting a puzzle like the one behind the artwork in the house.
Start with the tiny end table puzzle. Enter “I DID DEEDS” to reveal its mysteries and get the Dragon Action Figure. Excellent work! Focus on the wall puzzle. Start from the left and carefully follow this sequence: downward arrow, S, squiggly line, lowercase D, and X. Solving this problem earns you another action figure and a key.
Return to the porch and unlock the umbrella with the new key. It will cast a wizard’s hat shadow on the chair as it opens. Examine the chair and capture a screenshot with the Camera app for reference.
Return to the tower and open the first-floor door. Notice the door gear? Recreate the wizard’s hat from the screenshot.
See the eight ceiling lights. Follow the screenshot to click the lights in order: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 4. Put your four action figures—phoenix, dragon, vampire, and troll—on the pedestal from left to right. Remember the screwdriver for later.
Back at home, use the screwdriver to unlock the panel under the fishtank shelf. Enter the password to open the PC Tower app. Play MatheMagic to learn the sigils to open the desk safe.
A book with a launch date, interesting graphics, and an arrow-connected planets is in the safe. Go to the tower’s second story and approach the back panel with shaped dials. Place the dials in order: Circle, Square, Triangle, Star, Square, Triangle, Circle.
Match the book’s flight plans and launch date to the planets you saw before, then click GO. Return to the home and approach the bay window.
Check the pyramid’s black spots’ color changes. You must match the colors to the solar system diagram after entering the flight plans. Grab the pyramid top to reveal a key after completion.
The bathroom is locked when you return. Fear not! Enter with the Pyramid Key. Remove the toilet locks with the Brass Key, lift the lid, and enjoy freedom. A complete Trace walkthrough is here. The fascinating artwork and mind-boggling puzzles make it fun.
In this detailed guide, we have unraveled the captivating world of Trace Cool Math Games, providing step-by-step solutions to its intriguing puzzles. From escaping the bathroom to navigating the house and finally reaching the tower, you’ve tackled each challenge with skill and determination. The fascinating artwork and mind-boggling puzzles of Trace Cool Math Games have made this adventure truly enjoyable. Happy exploring!



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